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 MSDS Management System 

Did you know that each employer who has a controlled product that they use at their workplace must also have a respective material safety data sheet (MSDS) for it? 

msdsThis is directly from the WSH Act & Regulation book, Section 35.10(1) 

“An employer who acquires a controlled product for use at a workplace must obtain a supplier material safety data sheet for that controlled product unless the supplier is exempted from the requirement to provide a material safety data sheet by section 9 or 10 of the Controlled Products Regulations and the employer complies with the applicable section.”

Also note that an employer must also keep those MSDS’s up to date. Every 3 years the employer must renew their MSDS’s in case they have changed. If a new MSDS becomes available prior to the 3 years, an employer must also make an attempt within 90 days to retrieve this updated MSDS. 

35.10(2)  “When a supplier material safety data sheet obtained under subsection (1) is more than three years old, an employer must, if possible, obtain from the supplier an up-to-date supplier material safety data sheet for the controlled product.” 

For those companies who do not have the time or manpower or resources to upkeep these MSDS’s on a regular basis, you can now call MAC Safety Group Safety Consulting to assist you in ensuring that you have a proper MSDS Safety Management System in place. 

We not only create your MSDS Management System complete with binder and table of contents; but we will also support you by keeping them up to date on a regular basis and track when MSDS’s are coming up for renewal. We will contact the company that you purchased the product from for the updated MSDS and then update your MSDS manual for you. 

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