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MAC SAFETY GROUPs' Chain Saw Training Course

MAC SAFETY GROUP is proud to offer a Chain Saw Training course.
Students will learn how to:
- Perform a pre-start of chain saw
- Safely operate a Chain Saw
- Know which PPE to wear.
- Learn proper carrying and transporting of chain saw
- Conduct proper maintenance
- Use chain saw brake.
- How to sharpen chain saw chain.

This course includes the facilitation of training material including a PowerPoint presentation and video. Student is required to have an 80% for a pass, which equals to 10/12 to pass this course. Student will perform a practicum portion during this course.

The chain saw is perhaps one of the most dangerous machines that an operator of the various services will have to work with.
Because a chain saw is a high-speed woodcutting tool, some special safety precautions must be observed, as with any other power saw, to reduce risk of personal injury.
Careless or improper use may cause serious or even fatal injury.
The chain saw has large, sharp cutters.
If the cutters contact your flesh, they will cut you, even if the chain is not moving.
It is important that you read, fully understand, and observe the safety precautions and warnings found in this manual as well as in the operator's instruction manual

Material Covered in our MAC SAFETY GROUP Chains Saw Training Course.

  • Operator
  • Protective clothing
  • Transporting the chain saw
  • Fueling the saw
  • Starting the saw
  • Holding the saw
  • Cutting with the saw
  • Kickback
  • 3 basic cuts
  • Felling a tree
  • Limbing a tree
  • Bucking
  • maintenance
  • Chain brake
  • Cutting problems
  • Cold weather operation
  • Summary

Call to Register:
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Email: ralph@macgroup.ca

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